Become Unified

The Advantages of Becoming Unified

As owners and managers of independent hospices, you understand the constant challenges that require you to play many roles. You are the administrator managing teams. You are the entire quality assurance program. You are often Human Resources, Supply Chain Manager, Marketer, and you still need to ensure your patients are getting the best care possible.

Your Caregivers face the dilemma of balancing patient care, time management, maintaining compliance, and keeping up with technology that often has the side effect of keeping them from focusing on the patient.

The hospice industry has many dedicated and compassionate individuals.

During a patient's final days, your team of nurses, social workers, chaplains, aides, and providers are committed to giving the highest level of care. This unique desire to improve the end-of-life process is the point that drives many to open independent hospice programs in the first place.

Unfortunately, despite their best intentions, these hospice programs get mired in the everyday aspects of running a hospice. Things like compliance, marketing, training, and even the choice of EMR platforms, make it hard to remember the reason for starting a hospice. The patients.

The landscape of hospice is changing.

Would it surprise you that some of the leading Electronic Medical Record platforms often make charting more complicated and confusing than traditional paper charting? Admittedly, it's not on purpose. They all start with the intent of creating a system that is 'easy to use' and will 'save time' for the caregivers. That vision becomes fuzzy as the product evolves, investors cut corners, and outside influences dictate how it 'should' work.

That's where Unified Health and our Hospice EMR are different. Through every step of development – from ideas on paper through user interfaces and complex logic – we've been guided by hospice industry veterans to ensure we never lose focus on the care.

Through fact-finding missions, we found a disturbing trend of nurses who chart on paper while visiting patients and then converting notes into charts in the EMR on nights and weekends. So, we set out to develop an EMR where charting is intuitive, fast, and meets the strict compliance guidelines set in place by CMS. 

It's just better when you're Unified.

Technology developed with and heavily influenced by hospice industry veterans. Compliance guidelines set in place by the foremost leaders in National hospice compliance standards. Effective and comprehensive hospice-specific training for management, caregivers, and owners, taught by successful and proven hospice owners.

Any of those on their own has the potential to improve your hospice. When your hospice utilizes all we have to offer, you'll discover what it means to be Unified.

Request more information to learn how your hospice can become Unified.

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