Unified Compliance for Hospice

Compliance Support Built for Hospice

Compliance is critical in hospice care, and when it's neglected, you can find your entire business at risk.

But what percent of your day do you get to commit to “compliance”? On a good day, maybe 5%? The larger corporate hospices have dedicated teams – so they will be more compliant, and your smaller business will be at greater risk.

You can attempt to find 3rd party compliance help – but that specialized help is hard to find and can be prohibitively expensive. Unified makes compliance easier and affordable.

We've assembled a team of highly qualified compliance experts – each with a minimum of 5 years of hospice-specific experience. This team was tasked with creating a wide range of compliance services that will meet the needs of hospices of any size and at price points that allow everyone to have support.

Continual compliance is a breeze with Unified. Our expert compliance team audits hospices based on the requirements of their crediting/deeming organization.

Unified members will get to choose from:

One-time cost engagements

  • A baseline QAPI assessment to establish current performance and goals – and let you understand your business
  • Development of your QAPI policies and procedures

Deeper Compliance Support

  • The creation of personalized QAPI toolkits that include self-assessments, tracking and monitoring tools, and job descriptions that allow the business owner to manage performance improvement internally.
  • Quarterly compliance assessments on your patient records that will tell you exactly how you would have performed on a compliance survey.  

Perhaps the most valuable of these tools is the RSR (Rapid Survey Response) Team. We want to make sure Unified members stay in business and can stay focused on patient care. So in the event of an External Survey, the Unified RSR team can be called to assist in the development, implementation, and evaluation of all aspects of a Plan of Correction.

This is a highly experienced team that can help save operators from extremely costly penalties – and is an option most operators simply do not have access to today.

It's just better when you're Unified.

Technology developed with and heavily influenced by hospice industry veterans. Compliance guidelines set in place by the foremost leaders in National hospice compliance standards. Effective and comprehensive hospice-specific training for management, caregivers, and owners, taught by successful and proven hospice owners.

Any of those on their own has the potential to improve your hospice. When your hospice utilizes all we have to offer, you'll discover what it means to be Unified.

Request more information to learn how your hospice can become Unified.

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