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We're building Healthcare Technology designed specifically for hospice

When we started forming Unified we investigated existing EMR systems to find one that would fit our needs. However, we soon discovered that while there was an abundance of EMR platforms out there, they all seemed to suffer from the same shortcomings, were priced out of reach for smaller hospices, and were not very user-friendly.

Our research found that existing EMRs are:

  • Extremely expensive
  • Have archaic interfaces that are anything but intuitive
  • Have workflows that are wide open for non-compliance
  • And, because of these things, Cost you incredible amounts of time and labor

Worse, if you run both hospice and house call businesses you have to learn, manage, and pay for two of these broken systems.

That simply doesn’t fit the Unified model. Your business should be easy – and delivering phenomenal care to patients should be your focus.

So we set out to find a way to fix this.

Our hospice-specific EMR system is smart and functional and features a simple, intuitive interface with built-in compliance features, making charting less time intensive - so you can focus on care.

We started with the clinicians because wanted to ensure we were building something that met the requirements of hospice and home health. We asked: “How can we make your jobs easier?”, “How can we make charting faster?”, “How can we make compliance simple?” and we took the insights we gained and started the process of creating our very own EMR platform.

Unified has an EMR in development for release in Q4 2020 that will:

  • Change the way you look at patient care
  • Make the Care Plan helpful and useful to you again
  • Build great compliance into simple workflows, and
  • Offer a platform that you can use in your hospice business – and use that same platform to extend your business into house call and therapy

We will be very excited to share this new option in Q4 2020.

It's just better when you're Unified.

Technology developed with and heavily influenced by hospice industry veterans. Compliance guidelines set in place by the foremost leaders in National hospice compliance standards. Effective and comprehensive hospice-specific training for management, caregivers, and owners, taught by successful and proven hospice owners.

Any of those on their own has the potential to improve your hospice. When your hospice utilizes all we have to offer, you'll discover what it means to be Unified.

Request more information to learn how your hospice can become Unified.

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