Healthcare can be complicated.
Your health information platform shouldn't be.

As small and midsize operators in the healthcare industry, we understand the business environment is becoming more and more difficult to compete in. As the industry grows more competitive and consolidates, the larger players in the market get the benefit of economies of scale over the smaller operators.

At Unified Health, we come together. We find industry best practices so you can compete at a level that allows us to stand as individual operators and business owners to be able to grow and expand your business at home and into new markets.

It’s here that we hope to bring tools that will allow you to be more competitive as we bring best practices that allow you to have access to new technology so you can not only expand but improve your bottom line and do it more efficiently.

Unified is Focused on Three Key Areas

Healthcare Technology

Fully Managed and Customized Solutions

We're developing the next generation of Electronic Medical Record systems. Unified offers an affordable base rate for a fully-managed EMR system on HIPAA compliant servers. Our base EMR product offers, Integrated eRx, Integrated HIPAA Compliant Fax, Eligibility and Benefit checks, Claims Management, and more.

We've created specialty-specific interfaces and protocols that make Patient Care faster and less prone to errors. We've also developed an interface for quick charting on tablet devices which allows you to quickly do charting updates from anywhere.


Integrated Compliance

Proven Measures to Avoid Risk

We've assembled a team of highly qualified compliance experts – each with a minimum of 5 years of hospice-specific experience. This team was tasked with creating a wide range of compliance services that will meet the needs of hospices of any size and at price points that allow everyone to have support.

Industry Best Practices

Train your people to grow your practice

External forces direct change within an organization. Many businesses, especially smaller healthcare businesses, flounder when facing unexpected challenges. Unified provides your team with the skills and tools to adapt to everything that is coming your way.

We offer an Online Learning Center, Live Training Sessions, Onsite training for individuals or large groups, Spearhead Leadership and Events, Continuing Education Credits, CHPN Certification, as well as EMR Training and Integration.


It's just better when you're Unified.

Technology developed with and heavily influenced by hospice industry veterans. Compliance guidelines set in place by the foremost leaders in National hospice compliance standards. Effective and comprehensive hospice-specific training for management, caregivers, and owners, taught by successful and proven hospice owners.

Any of those on their own has the potential to improve your hospice. When your hospice utilizes all we have to offer, you'll discover what it means to be Unified.

Request more information to learn how your hospice can become Unified.

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